Note from the speaker: What to see and do at the 2018 Revenue Integrity Symposium

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

By Judith Kares, JD

NAHRI’s 2018 Revenue Integrity Symposium is fast approaching, and I am very much looking forward to what’s in store—both at the conference and in the Phoenix area where I reside. As a reminder, the Revenue Integrity Symposium will be held October 16–17 at the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park (Phoenix), Arizona. This is NAHRI’s premier event for revenue integrity and revenue cycle networking and education.

I am very enthusiastic about this event. There is such a wealth of information that healthcare professionals must absorb, and I find that being able to attend the Revenue Integrity Symposium allows me to meet with a group that has a high level of experience in the healthcare field. One of the reasons I love working in this field is that the people are so great. The Revenue Integrity Symposium gives me the opportunity to work with others who have different levels of experience and expertise than my own and to share my own knowledge, which gives me great pleasure.

This event is a critical opportunity for networking, particularly for those who are unable to connect with revenue integrity and revenue cycle professionals like themselves in their daily roles. Whenever you get really neat people together in the same place, really great things happen on a professional and personal level. I love coming home to the Revenue Integrity Symposium, and I am excited to meet so many new people there and connect with those whom I haven’t seen face to face in some time.

Another reason I’m so excited about the Revenue Integrity Symposium is that it is just outside of my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. I am in love with Phoenix. It is such a great place, and the conference is being held at the perfect time of year to enjoy all that the Phoenix area has to offer. The middle of October in Phoenix is as close to heaven as you’ll get. The weather is perfect, and it’s a superb environment that is completely different from what most people are accustomed to.

The Wigwam Resort is a unique conference location with a wealth of amenities to offer, from golf to swimming to hiking. Those who enjoy outdoor activities will find hiking opportunities for all different levels in the area. I myself enjoy just walking every day to admire the desert’s beauty.

For those of you looking to explore the area outside of the resort, you’ll find plenty to do. There are incredible shopping malls in the Scottsdale, Arizona, area and Phoenix has a wealth of museums to explore, from art to Native American history and culture, as well as a phenomenal botanical garden. If you’re interested in sports, the Arizona Cardinals play not far from the Wigwam Resort.   

Phoenix is truly a beautiful area and the Revenue Integrity Symposium allows you to take in all it has to offer during one of the most beautiful times of year.

I look forward to seeing you at the Revenue Integrity Symposium where we can enjoy networking, education, the Wigwam Resort, and the surrounding area in all its glory.

Editor’s note: Judith L. Kares, JD, is an expert in Medicare rules and regulations and is an instructor for HCPro’s Medicare Boot Camp—Hospital Version®. She spent a number of years in private law practice, representing hospitals and other healthcare clients, and then as in-house legal counsel prior to beginning her current legal/consulting practice. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Phoenix, where she teaches courses in business and healthcare law and ethics.

For additional information, listen to a recording of our Revenue Integrity Symposium Demo and view the corresponding slides. Revenue integrity professionals wishing to earn support from program administrators to attend the 2018 Revenue Integrity Symposium may adapt our justification letter proposal.

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