Directory of Credential Holders

This directory includes currently-certified individuals, both newly-certified and those who have completed recertification requirements. The directory is updated daily. Please call 800-650-6787 if you have any questions or concerns.

Please also note that any additional information, apart from that contained in this directory, will not be revealed to any third party without the explicit consent, in writing, of the certified credential holder in question.

Only one field is required to search, but all or any combination can be used. The directory must match the exact information entered in each field. Names are listed as they are on the credential certificate.

  • Individuals listed are in good standing
  • NAHRI allows a 45-day grace period from certification expire date for individuals to submit their recertification application and list of CEUs.
  • When a certification is six months overdue, a $150 late fee is added to the regular recertification fee.
  • Certifications that are one year overdue are revoked and the individual must retest to gain the certification.
  • It is the CHRI holder’s responsibility to know their recertification due date. NAHRI sends multiple email reminders to the email address on file when the certification is six months overdue.
  • NAHRI is not responsible for late, suspended, or revoked certifications.
  • Individuals whose certifications has lapsed should visit the NAHRI website for instructions about recertifying. Any questions should be sent to the Certification Office at
  • Individuals verifying a credential should email the Certification Office with any additional questions.