Certification—Coming Fall 2018!

Certification in Healthcare Revenue Integrity (CHRI)

A unique but wide range of knowledge and experience are necessary for revenue integrity professionals, and NAHRI wants to help those in the field demonstrate their expertise in a tangible way—through a new credential created just for you.

Would you like to be involved? We need a wide range of revenue integrity professionals to weigh in as we identify requirements, develop an exam, and work on other aspects of the new credential.

To be a part of this effort, please email NAHRI Associate Director Jaclyn Fitzgerald at jfitzgerald@hcpro.com.



About the CHRI certification

NAHRI is currently developing the Certified in Healthcare Revenue Integrity (CHRI) credential to provide a trusted baseline of competency for revenue integrity professionals in healthcare settings. NAHRI aims to launch the credential in Fall 2018.

To receive updates about the development of the CHRI and be among the first to have the opportunity to sit for the credential, please sign up by clicking on this link and providing your contact details. We will send you periodic updates and useful information.


Background for developing CHRI

Additional information is forthcoming.


Formation of the CHRI credential committee

Additional information is forthcoming.


CHRI mission and core competencies

Additional information is forthcoming.


Program requirements

Additional information is forthcoming.


Passing score

Additional information is forthcoming.


CHRI prerequisites

Candidates who apply for the examination must meet one of the following sets of requirements:

  1. One or more year(s) of experience in healthcare revenue cycle, coding, compliance, or revenue integrity and a bachelor’s degree OR
  2. Two or more years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle, coding, compliance, or revenue integrity and an associate’s degree OR
  3. Three or more years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle, coding, compliance, or revenue integrity in the absence of a degree

How to apply to take the CHRI exam

Additional information will be available as we ready our systems for application processing.


Examination fee

The fee for the certification application process and examination is $255 for NAHRI members and $355 for non-members. Payment may be made by credit card, personal check, or money order payable to HCPro. While fees are non-refundable, payment will be returned if the application is not approved.


Apply to re-take the examination after failing

If a candidate fails the exam, they may take it again after waiting 90 days from the date of the failed exam. NAHRI will discount the exam fee to $125 for the first retake only. Subsequent attempts to pass the exam will be at full price.



Individuals who hold the CHRI must apply for recertification every two years. It is due on the anniversary of the date on which they passed the CHRI exam. That date is printed on the individual’s certificate. Additional information is forthcoming.


Request consideration for special accommodations

To request special accommodations, please complete the Request for Special Examination Accommodations form and submit with the exam application.