Revenue integrity professionals discuss salary and benefits

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Most revenue integrity professionals have seen gains in salary over the past year but some are also seeing a decline in essential benefits such as health coverage, according to the preliminary results of NAHRI’s 2023 Revenue Integrity Salary Survey.

Each year, NAHRI conducts its Revenue Integrity Salary Survey to benchmark salaries and benefits in the industry. The survey collects information such as job title, organization size and location, and professional and education background to develop a robust standard of revenue integrity salaries and to track trends in compensation, staffing, and revenue integrity program size. The results are published in the annual Revenue Integrity Salary Survey Report and can be used to develop professional growth plans and set and negotiate salaries.

The 2023 survey is still open, and we need your feedback to ensure the data in our upcoming report is as complete and useful as possible. Take the survey today.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve learned from the preliminary results of the 2023 survey:

  • About 12% of respondents earn $80,000-$89,999 a year
  • Of those who indicated they’re managers with direct reports (55%), 15% earn $130,000-$139,999 a year
  • Of those who indicated they’re individual contributors (40%), 19% earn $80,000-$89,999 a year
  • Of those who’ve earned a bachelor’s degree (33%), 18% earn $80,000-$89,999 a year
  • Of those who hold a master’s degree (33%), 16% earn $110,000-$119,999 a year
  • Fifteen percent reported a decrease in health coverage and 17% reported a decrease in continuing education budget
  • Eighty-six percent reported an increase in salary and 12% reported an increase in paid time off


Completing the 2023 Revenue Integrity Salary Survey ensures you’ll be able to benefit from detailed and actionable information in the upcoming 2023 Revenue Integrity Salary Survey Report. Survey respondents may also opt in to a drawing for a chance to win a free webinar. So don’t wait—take the survey today!

Editor’s note: Check out the 2022 Revenue Integrity Salary Survey Report to see what type of information you can expect from the 2023 report.

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