Revenue Integrity Week recap

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

The NAHRI community set out on a mission to explore all that revenue integrity has to offer as we marked the fourth annual Revenue Integrity Week from June 7–11. Revenue Integrity Week is the national week of recognition for revenue integrity professionals and a time to:

  • Recognize the unique and valuable contributions of revenue integrity professionals in the healthcare setting
  • Increase public awareness of the revenue integrity profession
  • Celebrate the diligence and dedication of revenue integrity professionals


In the spirit of this year’s theme, Discover the Revenue Integrity Universe, we asked you to go on a mission to uncover what makes revenue integrity unique and valuable. Members and non-members took advantage of NAHRI activities like our crossword and word search to put their knowledge of this universe to the test. Taking our exploration a step further, NAHRI released its 2021 State of the Revenue Integrity Industry Survey Report to analyze primary and supporting revenue integrity functions, chargemaster maintenance, and charge reconciliation.

Our revenue integrity explorers were encouraged to host celebrations wearing their best space-themed attire as they made their way through our fun and educational offerings. Members also gained access to one free on-demand webinar each day so they could continue to explore revenue integrity long after the celebration came to a close. If you haven’t already, head over to the Resources section of our website to stream a number of free on-demand webinars available exclusively to NAHRI members.

The revenue integrity team at Tufts/Wellforce in Boston celebrated with “Revenue Integrity Day” June 7. Their day started off with team updates and visions followed by an exercise to encourage team members to get to know one another better before leading into a lunch and taking advantage of some of NAHRI’s Revenue Integrity Week resources. I had the pleasure of dropping in for the lunch portion of the celebration to get to know the team and learn about the work they have set out for the year.

Similarly, the Spectrum Health revenue integrity team in Grand Rapids, Michigan, wrapped up Revenue Integrity Week with its first in-person celebration in more than a year. “It was a wonderful day – a great capstone for Revenue Integrity Week,” says Michele DeSmet, MHA, CPA, CHFP, director, revenue integrity, at Spectrum Health.

Contests and giveaways

As part of Revenue Integrity Week, NAHRI held two drawings. Join us in congratulating the winners:

  • Angie Donovan, chargemaster specialist, patient financial services at Columbus Regional Hospital in Columbus, Indiana, won the Loyal Listener Library drawing, which includes free access to our six-program Loyal Listener Library (a $1,099 value), a convenient subscriber platform giving you access to six live webinars.
  • Christine Werra of Dignity Health won the SelectCoder drawing, which includes a one-year subscription to the premier coding solution that seamlessly combines inpatient and outpatient content into a single, consistent system for simpler, faster code validation and claim evaluation.


Peer Recognition Program

NAHRI supports the professional accomplishments of all its members. If you know a fellow NAHRI member who has gone above and beyond in their role—be it a promotion, great idea, or helping hand—we want to help you give them a shoutout. In the spirit of Revenue Integrity Week, NAHRI would like to recognize its members for their valuable contributions to the field and for the ways in which they have helped their peers.

Frances Carrera, director of revenue cycle at KHMC in Visalia, California, nominated members of the KHMC team, including Jack Tepper, chargemaster analyst, and Brittany Karman. “Jack is such a strong employee and is considered an expert by many members of Kaweah team. Brittany is a very strong employee and an expert in so many areas of revenue integrity. Her strong critical analytical skills allow her to analyze charges [and] reports all while continuing to sustain improvement. She is sought after as a collaborator and expertise in charges,” says Carrera.

Lori Lawther, CHRI, CRIP, director of revenue integrity at Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, nominated members of the Allegheny Health team, including Jenna Joneikis, revenue integrity analyst, Megan Theodorson, revenue integrity analyst, Bethany Van Kirk, CDM coordinator, and Toni Lorenzo, revenue integrity analyst. Lawther says: “Jenna’s reliability is hard to come by. Thank you for being someone we can always count on! I am grateful for all of your hard work; we are fortunate to have someone as dedicated as you on board. Megan, we are continually impressed by the results you produce! You play a crucial role in our team and the AHN's success. Bethany, thank you for bringing a smile to everyone on the team; it always boosts our spirit when we need it most. You keep us laughing. Thank you for being you. Toni has been an invaluable part of our team. It's incredible to see her consistently pushing the bar. I would like to congratulate and acknowledge the tremendous success you have achieved over the last few years,” says Lawther.

Andrew Piper, director, revenue integrity, at Dignity Health in Rancho Cordova, California, nominated members of the Dignity Health team, including Geetha Kanth, Jane Y. Liu, Mirela Massad, Loretta Morrow, Michelle L. Ramirez, Lynda S. Sabourin, Chanel M. Thomas, Christine Werra, Jerris Hale, Ron Maltase, and Kelly Delfino. “Thank you for your dedication to your facility and propelling revenue integrity initiatives,” says Piper.

The revenue integrity department at Ochsner Lafayette General Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana, received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI on behalf of Rebecca Flugence, contract management specialist at Ochsner Lafayette General. “Our revenue integrity team has done a great job working with our patient accounts department and other departments through our system to make great achievements within our health system. We appreciate them to the highest and want to express appreciation to the great leadership in that area as well. They are a great group of people which has truly made a difference. Have a great week. You deserve it,” says Flugence.

Paris Branch, RN, COC, CPC, director at Parkland Health and Hospital System in Dallas, Texas, received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI on behalf of Hamza Kachwala, BDS, MHA, LSSYB, charge capture coordinator at Parkland Health and Hospital System. “Paris has not only demonstrated signs of an amazing leader in the PFS department at our hospital system but she has also been always supportive and promoting training and mentorship for the new incoming team members. Paris appreciates new and fresh ideas and promotes team discussion and supports change implementation. She has been a pioneer in streamlining implementation of professional billing at our system. Her leadership and operational excellence have been paramount to our revenue integrity team,” says Kachwala.

Stephanie Deen, communication specialist at Susan B. Allen Foundation in El Dorado, Kansas, nominated members of Susan B. Allen Foundation team, including Marcie Riddle, Sandy Adams, and Amy Divine. “Marcie goes above and beyond, helping her teammates when she can and is always involved in hospital functions,” says Deen.

Melissa Deuel, MBA, RN, CRCR, system manager of revenue integrity at CommonSpirit Health in Phoenix, Arizona, received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI on behalf of Marie Garcia, MBA, CHRI, CCA, system manager of revenue integrity at CommonSpirit Health. “Leading the system initiative to implement the new CDM tool and doing so with excellency! She is knowledgeable and is always striving for the best, not only for our team but for the entire system. We are very lucky to have her!” says Garcia.

Garcia received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI on behalf of Deuel. "Marie's approach to problem solving has allowed for significant improvements in charge capture across our organization. Marie has a keen ability to identify and prioritize issues and then bring the right people together to initiate change. She is absolutely invaluable to our team and to our organization," says Deuel.

Karine Hovsepyan, director of revenue services at DignityHealth/CommonSpirit Health in Glendale, California, received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI on behalf of Ryan McClanahan, revenue integrity manager at DignityHealth/CommonSpirit. “Karine is a pillar of leadership and professionalism,” says McClanahan.

Pat Nicks, principal adaption success consultant at nThrive in Plano, Texas, received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI on behalf of Kelly Strong at nThrive. “Pat is a critical team member who has helped hundreds of hospitals recognize and recover millions of dollars in underpayment revenue. She is a master in understanding the methodology to use for highest outcomes,” says Strong.

Kristin Rich, manager of CDM and data analytics at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia, received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI on behalf of Brenda McBride, senior revenue integrity analyst, David Dugan, MSM, FHFMA, revenue integrity analyst, Abby Skeens, senior revenue integrity analyst, Kelly Olson, charge app analyst, Shawn Rosenthal, senior revenue integrity analyst, and Samantha Stokes at Augusta University.

“Kristin is a great mentor. She listens, guides, and encourages all to be the best they can be,” says McBride.

“Kristin routinely goes above and beyond to help her teams understand things and to produce the best possible outcome. She is an outstanding peer and mentor,” says Dugan.

“Leadership and guidance. She never claims to know it all and is always wanting to learn more. Takes time with her employees and enjoys her job!” says Skeens.

“Kristin is amazing at her job! She is so knowledgeable and willing to help everyone! She recently completed her CHRI certification and is now working on her COC. She's always working to increase her knowledge and skills!” says Olson.

"I have worked with Kristin over 10 years. Not only does she have a great work ethic but also forms excellent relationships with her work team. She’s one in a million!" says Rosenthal.

"Kristin is an excellent leader. She believes in teamwork and making sure her staff have what they need. She supports us and cheers us on. I admire her work ethic and her willingness to learn what she may not know. I am glad to have her as my manager," says Stokes.

Diane Roberson, coordinator at Baptist Healthcare in Jacksonville, Florida, received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI on behalf of Jorge Cuellar, manager at Baptist Healthcare for “her commitment and dedication to the team.”

Laura Clifford of Central Maine Healthcare in Lewiston, Maine, received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI from an anonymous nominator. “Laura will take on any project and work collaboratively with any department to prevent and sustain changes in our healthcare organization. Her skill set, knowledge, and out-of-the-box thinking drive others to improve their workflow with their peers. The analytics that her and her team are able to provide assist in saving millions of dollars for our organization,” they said.

Candi McNew, CPC, COC, of Harmony Healthcare in Tampa, Florida, received a Certification of Recognition for Excellence in Revenue Integrity from NAHRI on behalf of Ryan Lineberry, lead recruiter at Harmony Healthcare. “Candi has repeatedly gone above and beyond to get the job done, no matter the ask. No job is too big or too small, and she's always there with a smile and more than willing to help out,” Lineberry said.

Thank you from all of us at NAHRI for your dedication to the revenue integrity profession.

Until next year

NAHRI would like to thank everyone who took this journey with us to discover the intricacies of the revenue integrity universe. As the profession continues to grow and evolve, we must remember not to be afraid to explore new areas and reach new heights.

Mark your calendars for 2022 Revenue Integrity Week (June 6‒10) and let us know how NAHRI can exceed your needs in the year to come.



Jaclyn Fitzgerald, CHRI

Director, NAHRI

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