Local Chapters

NAHRI endorses the formation of regional, state, local, and subject-specific networking organizations. NAHRI encourages the collaboration of such groups with the national body and supports the alliance of the local and national groups for mutually favorable principles. Each chapter must choose three officers who must be from different healthcare organizations and who are current NAHRI national members to act as liaisons between the parties.

Depending on your geographic region, your area may wish to form a state chapter or a regional one. Use our interactive map to find a chapter in your area or complete the form at the bottom of this page to start a chapter in your area if one does not exist. 

Already a NAHRI Chapter Member or Leader? Complete our online membership roster today to ensure NAHRI can continue connecting you with your peers and providing you with updates on your Chapter. 

NAHRI Local and Regional Chapters as well as NAHRI Workgroups may download and use our approved logos for use in affiliated meeting and program materials. 


NAHRI Local Chapter Agreement Form - For Chapter Leaders Only 

  • This agreement form must be signed by three core team volunteers from three different facilities annually
  • Leaders who successfully complete one year of voluntary service are eligible for a discount on NAHRI National membership in the year following their service
  • Completed forms should be emailed to nahri@hcpro.com or the member of the NAHRI National Leadership Team who helped you establish your chapter
  • Download the agreement here


NAHRI also supports the formation of Member Workgroups. Each group agrees on its own focus and meeting frequency/duration. Workgroups are typically formed based on area of interest or job title. NAHRI Leadership assists by connecting members, scheduling calls, and providing a means of group notetaking. The following NAHRI Member Workgroup is accepting new members:

  • NAHRI Revenue Integrity Collaboration Workgroup
    • Meeting frequency: Monthly
    • Meeting duration: One hour
    • Current member count: 15


If you’re interested in forming or joining a local chapter or workgroup, please complete the form below and a member of the NAHRI Leadership team will contact you. 

Please use the submission form below only if you have not yet reached out to a member of NAHRI Leadership or a Local Chapter Leader. If you are a current Chapter Member looking to document your chapter involvement, complete our online membership roster rather than using the form below. 

Start a New Local Chapter or Workgroup