2020 Revenue Integrity Week Quiz

Revenue Integrity Week is underway, and this year we are celebrating with the theme of Revenue Integrity Investigation: The Case of the Missing Revenue.

We all know that revenue integrity professionals are experts at tracking down information and problem-solving to prevent revenue leakage. Now it’s time to put those detective skills to the test.

Are you the top revenue integrity investigator in your department? Show off your sleuthing skills with the Revenue Integrity Week Quiz. The rules are simple. There are 15 questions, and all the answers can be found somewhere on the NAHRI site. Challenge your fellow investigators to a competition, set your timer for 30 minutes, and start digging for the correct answers. To elevate the stakes, you can award a prize for the highest score within your department.

To navigate the NAHRI website, you can utilize the search bar in the upper right corner. Be sure to get familiar with the drop-down menu, as well. This is where you can access articles that appear in the NAHRI Journal and in Revenue Integrity Insider. You can also find links to the NAHRI Local Chapter Map (hover over Networks & Events and select Local Chapters from the drop-down menu) and many other features.

Best of luck! Let the investigation begin!