Apply to the NAHRI Leadership Council

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Now more than ever, revenue integrity leaders need a strong network to get ahead of reimbursement trends. That’s where the NAHRI Leadership Council comes into play. The council is a unique networking platform that supports revenue integrity leaders and helps them stay on the cutting edge of strategy and thought leadership. Now, you can take part: Apply now to join the NAHRI Leadership Council’s 2024 term.

The NAHRI Leadership Council takes a deep dive into the daily challenges of revenue integrity and revenue cycle leadership by bringing select members of the community together to educate one another and share actionable strategies aimed at improving workflow and securing buy-in from decision-makers. Through focused research reports, customized analysis, and peer-to-peer networking, the council acts as a sounding board for revenue integrity leaders who seek to stay up to date with current trends in hospital reimbursement while blazing new paths for a constantly evolving industry.

Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Make your mark on the revenue integrity and revenue cycle communities by sharing valuable insight in high-level industry surveys that are designed with the help of you and your peers
  • Gain early access to research findings that can help shape the future of the industry
  • Share your knowledge and expertise by contributing to research reports and custom content
  • Network with fellow leaders from across the country in an exclusive online community where you can expand your professional reach and learn new skills
  • Engage in advanced discussions with fellow leaders during quarterly Council calls where you will have the opportunity to learn from peers while also showcasing your own innovative strategies
  • Take advantage of exclusive discounts on NAHRI membership and association offerings
  • Be the first to secure invitations to elite leadership offerings, such as the NAHRI Leadership Council Mastermind


In addition, members gain access to an exclusive online community, monthly e-newsletters, and quarterly virtual networking calls.

Members are selected through an application process that analyzes background and experience. Once accepted, members maintain their standing by participating in at least 75% of networking calls, surveys, and research reports. There is no fee to join, and membership is open to NAHRI members and nonmembers alike.

Ready to apply? Access our brief application here.

Learn more about the NAHRI Leadership Council here.

What to get a peek at the research and reporting that’s available? Download our report Efficiency Redefined: How Revenue Cycle Automation Is Reshaping Financial Processes.

To learn more, contact NAHRI Director Nicole Votta at