NAHRI Council Report - Efficiency Redefined: How Revenue Cycle Automation Is Reshaping Financial Processes

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2023 NAHRI Leadership Council reveals hospitals are embracing robust partnerships and solutions to automate priority areas like charge capture and edits.

Automation has emerged as a driving force in hospital revenue cycle management, equipping healthcare organizations with tools to optimize operations and enhance revenue capture. With more seamless integration between automation solutions and EHRs, hospital revenue integrity teams have been able to reduce manual work, create more fluid workflows, and expedite tasks related to claim and charge processes, eligibility verification, coding, and patient billing and communications.

The 2023 NAHRI Leadership Council Survey: Utilization and Adoption of Automation in Revenue Cycle, sponsored by 3M, offers essential insights into the expanding role of automation within the revenue cycle. Recently, the NAHRI Leadership Council hosted a roundtable to examine the survey findings and explore the growing advantages of revenue cycle automation. During the session, panel members explored the various revenue cycle processes supported by automation, discussed oversight of the adoption stages, and shared valuable insights on successes and challenges encountered along the way.

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