New regulations, pricing transparency requirements, and thinning margins are causing healthcare organizations to become even more reliant on their CDM being truly comprehensive, transparent, and up to date. And these environmental changes are all coming through at a time when expanded code sets...

In the spirit of Revenue Integrity Week, which is designed to celebrate the diligence and dedication of revenue integrity professionals, NAHRI’s State of the Revenue Integrity Industry Survey once again took a deep dive into the roles of revenue integrity professionals, the activities they are responsible for, and the backgrounds from which they came. Though many respondents have been performing duties that align with revenue integrity work for upwards of decades, established revenue integrity titles and roles have been around for a shorter period. As we compare results from last year, we can only begin to see a shift as facilities establish departments and programs and further define revenue integrity.

Use this excerpt from a sample charge capture workflow questionnaire/checklist to build a template for your organization.