Use this sample remote work policy as a template for your organization's policy.

NAHRI Leadership Council shares best practices, resolving top challenges, and working around staffing shortages.

In the 2022 NAHRI Leadership Council survey: Custom Edits—Creation and Workflow, 100 leaders, including revenue integrity, health information management (HIM), and coding...

Use this sample room and board policy, contributed by Meagen Windler, CHRI, as a template for your organization.

This report details the full year findings of the 2021 NAHRI Leadership Council Research Series. Download today to see the full results!

2021 NAHRI Council Survey Part 2 explores best practices for leveraging technology, automation, and clinical collaboration. 

NAHRI Leadership Council reveals training, process, and technology innovations are driving better outcomes.

During this 90-minute webinar, Sarah L. Goodman, MBA, CHCAF, COC, CHRI, CCP, FCS, and ...