Get your organization’s support to attend the 2024 Revenue Integrity Symposium

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

After checking out the 2024 Revenue Integrity Symposium (RIS) agenda, you might be looking ahead to plan for travel and time off to attend. You may also be considering how to gain your organization’s approval to attend or reimburse you for the cost of attending. With education budgets still tight for many, making a compelling case that clearly demonstrates the return on investment can be tough.

Fortunately, NAHRI is here to help you craft a perfect pitch for attending 2024 RIS (to be held September 12–13, in Oak Brook, Illinois). Your first step should be to thoroughly review the agenda and make a list of the sessions that are most important to you. Pick sessions that address topics that have a direct impact on your job, will help you develop skills you need to better support your organization, and offer critical knowledge. Create a bullet point list that states why you want to attend these specific sessions and how they will help you do your job better. Sort the remainder of the sessions in order of which will have the most relevance and value to your job. Then, create an ideal agenda for yourself and other members of your team who may also benefit from attending. And don’t forget about our pre-conference boot camp—this year we’re offering the two Medicare Boot Camp®—Denials and Appeals Version, September 10–11.

Then, add up your costs. Register by June 10 to get our early bird discount of $100. NAHRI members get an additional $100 discount. That means if you’re a NAHRI member and register before June 10, you would get a combined discount of $200. Going with your team? Send a group of five for the cost of four with our special group pricing. Don’t forget that registering for the pre-conference as well as the main conference secures you a 15% discount on the cost of the pre-conference.

Along with your registration, calculate the costs of flights, accommodations, and food. The conference will be hosted at the Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center in Oak Brook, Illinois and the room rate is $205 per night. Be sure to note: The cut-off date for the room rate is August 19.

Finally, it’s time to present your case to your program administrators. Use NAHRI’s 2024 Revenue Integrity Symposium justification letter as a template to help you make a clear, concise case for attendance.

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