Note from the associate editor: Spotlight on NAHRI Forums

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

by Kevin Duffy

Through a NAHRI membership, revenue integrity professionals have the opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues across the country, establish and grow important local and regional networks, and expand their knowledge with valuable educational tools and resources.

NAHRI members can further develop their knowledge by accessing articles in the quarterly NAHRI Journal and the weekly Revenue Integrity Insider enewsletter, as well as tuning in for Quarterly Calls and other webinars.

Members can also get specific questions answered by posting to the NAHRI Forums, which provide revenue integrity professionals with an interactive community and a one-stop shop for the exchange of ideas.

The NAHRI Forums, available to members only, feature 14 categories. This way, members can log on to the site, click the “Forums” tab at the far right of the toolbar on the homepage, and easily access the category that aligns with their specific question.

The categories are as follows:

  • Billing and Claims
    • Recent topics include closed charts from MEC, dialysis in an acute hospital
  • Chargemaster and Charge Capture
  • Coding and Documentation
    • Recent topics include sedation during intubation, whole body DEXA
  • Compliance
  • Coverage
  • COVID-19
    • Recent topics include G2023 COVID collection, hospital outpatient telehealth visits
  • Denials and Appeals
  • Department/Program Management
  • General
    • Recent topics include lab panel codes, charge reconciliation policies
  • Monitoring and Audits
  • Payer Contracting
  • Physician Practice/Freestanding Clinics
  • Post-Acute Healthcare Settings
  • Reimbursement and Payment Methodologies

To the right of the categories, members can find the most recent discussions that have been posted. This alerts members of the hot topics of the week. Members can chime in with answers, opinions, or additional questions pertaining to the topic.

Members with expertise in a particular area (or areas) are encouraged to frequently check the NAHRI Forums and respond to questions that come through concerning their specialized field of knowledge. The best questions and answers from the NAHRI Forums are occasionally featured in the Revenue Integrity Insider enewsletter. To go along with a profile name, NAHRI members have the option to utilize an image that will appear whenever they post a question or reply. Many members use headshots, but there is room for creativity here, as well. Additionally, members can set notifications to certain threads. With this feature, a member can pose a question on a forum and he or she will be notified when a fellow NAHRI member offers a reply.

The NAHRI Forums serve as an excellent resource for members who encounter a work problem they cannot solve, or for members who are simply wondering about how other revenue integrity professionals approach a particular issue.

The revenue integrity industry is constantly evolving. Revenue integrity professionals must be aware of how their colleagues are adapting to new guidance and regulations. There are various ways for revenue integrity professionals to connect with one another and exchange ideas, but the NAHRI Forums provide a centralized location for these important discussions.

Visit the forums today and expand your knowledge on a variety of revenue integrity issues.

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