NAHRI Research Report: The Crucial Role of Technology and Provider Engagement in Reducing Denials

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Healthcare organizations are looking for better ways to stem the flow of denials, which have been even more challenging to manage in the last year and a half. The pandemic triggered a significant shift to virtual care services and many other changes that impacted billing, claims, and coding processes. As hospitals and provider organizations resume normal operations, they are looking to kick into high gear with a fresher perspective and approach to denials management.

In the second half of our research series, we took a deep dive into the impact of technology and provider interactions when analyzing and reducing denials. We gathered a roundtable panel of experts from provider and payer organizations to continue our discussion on denials management.

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  • Analyzing denials: Technology, automation, and provider engagement
  • The impact of having a provider processes and education
  • Point-of-care technology and how it improves documentation at the front-end of the process
  • And more!