Use this sample letter to notify patients of a post-discharge self-denial by the utilization review committee.

This document provides guidance on key performance indicators for denials management and revenue integrity, including calculations for denials rates and denials overturn ratios.

This sample form helps identify utilization management committee tasks and responsibilities.

This presentation provides gudiance on utilization management committee structure and accountability.

This policy is aimed at streamlining the audit process, protecting our patient’s confidentiality, ensuring prompt payment on audited accounts, and improving billing accuracy.

Use this sample policy as a guide when developing policies and procedures for late charges at your facility.

The purpose of this policy and procedure is to provide guidelines concerning the cancellation of a patient’s account. 

Use this document as guidance when creating a policy for handling the termination of schduled procedures at your facility.

This chart includes accountabilities and performance standards for tasks such as charge review and chargemaster maintenance.

Use this checklist as a guide when audting your provider-based departments.