To improve financial performance across the enterprise, many providers are taking a novel approach: Pre-Bill Revenue Integrity as a Service, which combines automated pre-bill analysis with revenue integrity expertise. This flexible approach offers many benefits over the traditional approach of...

For the third consecutive year, NAHRI is hosting Revenue Integrity Week to celebrate the hard work, dedication, and remarkable achievements of revenue integrity professionals across the country. As part of Revenue Integrity Week, NAHRI takes an in-depth look at trends across the industry with the 2020 State of the Revenue Integrity Industry Survey Report. The survey explores the roles and responsibilities of revenue integrity professionals, their backgrounds, and the key functions of the job.

Are you the top revenue integrity investigator in your department? Show off your sleuthing skills with the Revenue Integrity Week Quiz.

The answer key for the 2020 Revenue Integrity Family Feud game. The moderator should print out an answer key before starting up the game.