Note from the speaker: Guidance for all levels of revenue integrity

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

by Kay Larsen, CRCR

The Revenue Integrity Symposium is filled with so much information that applies to all levels of revenue integrity from those of us in the trenches to management. This year’s symposium will be held October 15–16 in Orlando. It will be my third year attending and I’m still finding new sessions to attend. And the networking is amazing!

There are so many sessions this year that provide knowledge for those working in the trenches—those are my favorite. At my facility, we struggle with observation, so I am looking forward to the session on observation by Ronald Hirsch, MD, FACP, CHCQM, vice president at R1 RCM in Chicago. The other sessions I’m looking forward to are those that give solutions to take home, like one on drug administration by Jugna Shah, MPH, president of Nimitt Consulting, Inc., in Spicer, Minnesota, and one on self-denials by Kimberly A. H. Baker, JD, CPC, the director of Medicare and compliance for HCPro. In addition, there are a number of sessions on starting or improving a revenue integrity team. It’s always good to hear about other revenue integrity teams and their successes. 

My own session will be on the charge description master (CDM). I will present alongside Sarah L. Goodman, MBA, CHCAF, COC, CCP, FCS, president/CEO and principal consultant for SLG, Inc., in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Linda J. McCray, CPA, MBA, who will offer a CFO’s perspective on the CDM this year. One reason I appreciate NAHRI is because I get so much information that helps me with charges and billing. I want to provide that same resource for others. 

I hope you will join me at the Revenue Integrity Symposium this year.


Editor’s Note: Larsen is a revenue integrity specialist at Adventist Health Glendale in Glendale, California. She serves as a NAHRI Advisory Board member.

Professionals wishing to earn support from program administrators to attend the 2019 Revenue Integrity Symposium may adapt our justification letter proposal.

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