NAHRI Code of Conduct

The NAHRI Code of Conduct is based on core values and ethical principles that professionals can aspire to and use when making a decision or choosing a course of action. Revenue integrity professionals should embrace their responsibility to continuously improve their organization’s revenue cycle through minimizing waste of resources and ensuring appropriate reimbursement for services provided.

The Code of Conduct was developed by the NAHRI Professional Advocacy Committe: Lawrence A. Allen, MBA, CPC, CEMA; Zarina Khabibulina, MD, CCS, CCM, CDIP; William L. Malm, RN, ND, CMAS, CRCR; Terri Rinker, MT (ASCP), MHA; Donna Schneider, RN, MBA, CPHQ, CPC-P, CHC, CPCO, CHPC; John D. Settlemyer, MBA, MHA, CPC, CHRI; Debra Seyfried, MBA, CMPE, CPC-I, CPC; Jugna Shah, MPH, CHRI; Denise Williams, COC.