NAHRI Council Report - Revenue Cycle Automation: Defining Key Goals, Strategies, and ROI

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Highlights from the 2023 NAHRI Leadership Council Survey Part 2: Unraveling the essentials, benefits, and future of automation.

Hospitals and health systems have faced unprecedented challenges for several years, pushing them to rethink their revenue cycles. Factors like the pandemic and issues managing claim edits, denials, charges, and authorizations have accelerated the move toward increased automation to alleviate operational strains, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Organizations are evaluating how best to automate the revenue cycle, focusing on revenue integrity. They're scrutinizing their department structures, identifying needs, and determining what truly indicates a substantial return on investment (ROI).

In part two of the 2023 NAHRI Leadership Council series, we explored revenue cycle automation use and optimization, focusing on:

  • Maximizing benefits from revenue cycle automation
  • Overcoming key automation challenges
  • Increasing automation levels
  • And more!

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