Proven Strategies for Revenue Integrity Success: Lessons from the Front Lines

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Hayes Management Consulting

Revenue integrity professionals are at the forefront of improving the accuracy, efficiency and thoroughness of their organizations’ billing and revenue capture processes. Yet they continually face challenges such as limited budgets, system complexity, departmental silos, insufficient staffing & coding expertise, ongoing regulatory changes, and more. In this webinar you’ll hear about current revenue integrity trends and what other organizations are doing to drive a revenue integrity mindset and a culture of collaboration around best practices, based on real-world case studies and exclusive survey results from the nation’s premier medical institutions.

Join Vasilios Nassiopoulos, Vice President of Revenue Integrity and Transformation for Hayes, a leading revenue integrity technology provider, for an engaging discussion about the key success factors involved in running a strong revenue integrity program:

  • Current revenue integrity trends & challenges
  • Proven strategies for Revenue Integrity success
    • Denial avoidance
    • Cash acceleration
    • Eliminating bottlenecks
    • Minimizing revenue leakage
  • Building partnerships with Revenue Cycle to achieve your goals
    • Using retrospective audits
    • Prospective audit adaptation
  • Finding other revenue opportunities to fund your Revenue Integrity program

Learn how some of the leading U.S. healthcare organizations are leveraging revenue integrity to make a significant positive impact to their top- and bottom lines.

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