New networking opportunities for NAHRI members

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

NAHRI endorses both the formation of member workgroups and local and regional chapters to foster networking and support to NAHRI members.

Discuss revenue integrity issues with your peers in a member workgroup, which is a discussion group typically formed based on area of interest or job title. NAHRI leadership will assist by connecting members, scheduling calls, and providing a means of group notetaking. Groups can choose their own focus as well as meeting frequency and duration. For more information on existing workgroups or if you are interested in forming your own, click here.

Another opportunity for NAHRI members is to help organize or join a local or regional chapter. Each chapter must choose three officers who must be from different healthcare organizations and who are current NAHRI national members to act as liaisons between the parties. The following regional chapters are currently looking for leadership and members:

  • Massachusetts and Rhode Island Regional Chapter
  • Michigan, Ohio, Indiana Regional Chapter
  • Minnesota and Wisconsin Regional Chapter
  • South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana Regional Chapter

For more information, or if you are interested in forming a chapter in your region, click here.

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