RIS 2019 opens with motivational speaker, breakdown of latest CMS rules

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The 2019 Revenue Integrity Symposium (RIS) in Orlando kicked off in high gear with an energetic, inspiring keynote speaker, detailed analysis of CMS’ recent regulatory changes, and announcements from NAHRI.

NAHRI Director Jaclyn Fitzgerald, CHRI, welcomed attendees to the event, sharing information on upcoming highlights of the event and association news. The past year has seen NAHRI launch local and regional chapters with new chapters popping up across the country. RIS attendees should keep an eye out for themed local and regional chapter tables in the dining/exhibit hall.

Fitzgerald also announced the dates and location of RIS 2020, to be held October 6-7, 2020, in Westminster, Colorado. You can register for the 2020 event now. NAHRI is currently accepting applications to present at next year’s event (click here for more information).

NAHRI is also launching a revenue integrity podcast in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information and opportunities to participate.

Next, motivational speaker Denise Ryan got the room moving, mingling, and energized. Starting with a scavenger hunt, Ryan shared tips for getting and staying motivated while keeping connected to your core values. She urged attendees to embrace change with an open mind and leave the room ready to set and conquer their goals.

Armed with the enthusiasm to make goals and embrace change, attendees headed to breakout sessions to gain the knowledge to put those plans into action. During the session “Round the Rule Merry-Go-Round: IPPS, OPPS, and MPFS,” experts Valerie A. Rinkle, MPA, CHRI, and Jugna Shah, MPH, CHRI, shared a detailed analysis of some of the major provisions of the 2020 IPPS final rule and 2020 OPPS and MPFS proposed rules.

Rinkle and Shah discussed how the 2021 changes to evaluation and management documentation guidelines may shake out, as well as how proposed changes to direct and general supervisions requirements for outpatient therapeutic and physician assistant services may benefit providers. They also discussed CMS’ sweeping price transparency proposals in the 2020 OPPS rule, noting that it’s significant that the agency asked for feedback on definitions of terms. CMS wants to understand how hospital charges and prices function in the real world to support meaningful price transparency efforts, Rinkle said. Although it’s likely that CMS will move forward with these proposals in the 2020 OPPS final rule, the speakers said, it’s critical that provider organizations continue to make their voices heard.

“CMS has said they do not believe these [OPPS price transparency] proposals will be overly burdensome,” Rinkle said.

The speakers also touched on CMS’ recent 340B drug discount program reimbursement proposals and the agency’s response to a legal defeat to its previous 340B reimbursement changes. Based on the proposed rule, it appears that CMS will move forward with some modifications despite its recent legal setbacks.

“CMS lost the court case, but they don’t care,” Shah said. “They’ve doubled down.”

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