The Revenue Integrity Show: Clean-up on Aisle [COVID] 19 (June 18)

June 18 - Clean-up on Aisle [COVID] 19 


  • Sarah L Goodman, MBA, CHCAF, COC, CCP, FCS, President/CEO, SLG, Inc.
  • Kay Larsen, CRCR, CHRI, Revenue Integrity Specialist, Adventist Health Glendale


This episode of the Revenue Integrity Show will address the aftermath and follow-up of the numerous COVID-19 changes impacting revenue integrity in the facility setting over the past few months.


To improve financial performance across the enterprise, many providers are taking a novel approach: Pre-Bill Revenue Integrity as a Service, which combines automated pre-bill analysis with revenue integrity expertise. This flexible approach offers many benefits over the traditional approach of...

The Revenue Integrity Show: Advocacy Opportunities Now (May 21)

May 21 - Advocacy Opportunities Now: Reviewing and Commenting on COVID-19 Rules and the IPPS Proposed Rule

Featuring NAHRI Professional Advocacy Committee and Advisory Board Members:
  • Terri Rinker, MT (ASCP), MHA, CHRI, Revenue Cycle Director, Community Hospital Anderson
  • John D. Settlemyer, MBA, MHA, CPC, CHRI, Associate VP Revenue Cycle, Atrium Health
  • Jugna Shah, MPH, CHRI, President, Nimitt Consulting Inc.
  • Denise Williams, COC, CHRI, Senior VP, Revenue Integrity Services, REVANT Solutions
  • Members of the NAHRI Professional Advocacy Committee and NAHRI Advisory Board discuss the top points related to COVID-19 rules and the 2021 IPPS proposed rule and offer guidance on submitting comments to CMS. Several rules are open for comment right now and there is no better time than the present to get tips for commenting.